This program consists of 18 topics covering

26 job pathways.

PreVET introduces positive ideas around work culture, resilience with work and how literacy and numeracy relates to different industries by providing relevance to learning.


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PreVET also provides real outcomes for students that lead to an Apprenticeship, further study in Adult vocational education, supported access to university through the Preparation for Tertiary Success (PTS) and Tertiary Entrance Program (TEP) or sustainable and successful employment.

Target student age: middle years (7-9)

Delivery model: blended block delivery mode, standard timetabling or individual self-paced delivery

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The PreVET project was funded by the Commonwealth of Australia through the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations.

The Department of Education Northern Territory, has exciting programs to trial in schools. We are extending an invitation to Northern Territory schools to participate in trialling new and innovative resources designed for Northern Territory students in order to build vocational pathway capacity. The trialling process is essential to ensure the programs meet student and technology requirements for the diverse range of Northern Territory remote schools.